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PluroGel material biologic pentru arsuri si plagi

PluroGel material biologic pentru arsuri si plagi

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PluroGel® este un material biologic pe bază de surfactanţi care este utilizat în îngrijirea arsurilor şi plăgilor şi a fost dezvoltat în secţia de chirurgie plastică a Universităţii din Virginia. Proprietăţile PluroGel® sunt benefice pentru şi pot fi util

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PluroGel material biologic pentru arsuri si plagi

PluroGel® is a surfactant based biological material that is used in the care of burns and wounds and was developed in the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Virginia. Properties  PluroGel® are beneficial and can be used in all stages of wound care. Products based on  PluroGel® have been used for more than 14,000 patients to date.  PluroGel® is approved for sale outside the US as  PluroGel® • PSSD (single antibiotic) and as dressing  PluroGel® • for burns and wounds (without antibiotic). The company currently conducting Phase II clinical trials for  PluroGel® • PN (double antibiotic) to treat infections in diabetic ulcers, with assistance from the program dedicated to wounded warriors.
PluroGel®  consists of substances "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS) by the FDA. Component of surfactant based polymer (A polymer is a molecule with repeating patterns) is used for many years in products intended for medical devices and drugs. Biomaterial-based polymer surfactants of PluroGel® consists of two chains of polymers, one being hydrophilic or "water activity" and one being hydrophobic or "oil-preferred". When conditions are suitable, the polymer forms micelles with spherical shape (Figure 1) called micelles  PluroGel® (exclusive patented expertise of PluroGen) having hydrophobic and hydrophilic components providing micelles  PluroGel® a specific steric effect (steric effect is a spatial arrangement; for PluroGel® shape is spherical). This leads to the typical properties of surfactants (detergents) which, uniquely for detergents and PluroGel® are biocompatible and suitable for use at the cellular level. Hydrophilic component is the external surface of the sphere micellar PluroGel® and hydrophobic component is included in the center of the sphere micellar PluroGel® .
GEL MATRIX micellar P LUROGEL® ( PLUROGEL® MGM ) Through specialized knowledge of PluroGen exclusive patented product PluroGel® mycelium is combined to form PluroGel® MGM. To understand what is the product PluroGel® MGM, view a bucket of tennis balls table (Figure 2). These table tennis balls are the product micellar PluroGel® . Then, view the spaces between the balls table tennis as being filled with water. This combination of product micellar  PluroGel® and water is  PluroGel® MGM. The spaces between the product micellar  PluroGel® may include any water-soluble components (examples include antibiotics, antiseptics, or any other materials that are soluble in water). The center of the product hydrophobic micellar  PluroGel® may comprise any oil soluble materials (examples include antibiotics, antiseptics, or any other materials that are soluble in the oil).
Products  PluroGel® are multifunctional functions grouped into 3 categories and beneficial at all stages of wound healing cycle:
1. central functions: 100% solubility in water removal easier, faster and painless; thickens when heated to stay in the wound; only biocompatible surfactant and supporting cells suitable for cleaning wounds.
2. biophysical functions: maintaining blood flow in the microvasculature wound; increases oxygenation of the tissue to the wound; breaks down and prevents the formation of a bio film
3. Functions of performance: biocompatible cleaner suitable for use at the cellular level; It acts as the application system; acting as a barrier to create the ideal environment for wound healing
Central functions of PluroGel® in the fact that  PluroGel® MGM is water-based emulsion (an emulsion is a mixture of two substances that do not normally mix with one another) to the spherical micellar structure PluroGel® with hydrophilic component (affinity to water) and the hydrophobic component (affinity to oil). This enables solubilization and residues exudate from the wound, which is easier to remove water during the process of replacing compresses, thus ensuring a cleaner wound. In this way, the cleaning process will damage the tissue in a lesser extent, which helps the body's natural healing process. This attribute is significant because it provides faster and easier replacement of compresses  PluroGel® with significantly reduced pain unlike compresses made ​​replacements in case of treatments based cream / ointment / oil based dressings or treatments. These different products, when mixed with the exudate from the wound is dry and may require rubbing or physical removal and, in some cases, may even require surgery to remove them.
PluroGel®  thickens when heated to remain at the wound and to better protect the wound. Moving from room temperature to body temperature makes micelles PluroGel® be more attracted to each other than are attracted to water PluroGel® MGM. This increased attraction of micelles  PluroGel® lead to thickening  PluroGel® that remains so to the wound. With the replacement tire, with decreasing temperature to body temperature to room temperature, micelles  PluroGel® are attracted to water  PluroGel® MGM, PluroGel® becoming thus more fluid removal easier, less painful and less harmful.
PluroGel® biophysical functions of oxygen and provides a moist environment that facilitates healing of wounds. Studies indicate that MGM PluroGel® can fill in the blanks or "holes" created in the damaged cell membranes, which reduces or stops the flow of material through the holes in the intracellular tissue from the wound. This filling of the apertures in the damaged cell membranes can help repair the body in the cell and therefore, in terms of cell survival (Figure 3). Studies also indicate that PluroGel® MGM is removed from the cell membrane when the cell membrane repair damaged parts of his MGM PluroGel® unchanged and is excreted in the urine of the patient.
This apparent PluroGel® capacity to maintain blood flow has been shown to lead to a better oxygenation of tissues from the wound. PluroGel® publications demonstrate that MGM may have the ability to restore denatured proteins and improve supply select agents to target cells by affecting cell membrane microvâscozităţii. A variety of agents can be included in the MGM PluroGel®. The first agents were included in PluroGel® MGM were the antimicrobials and antiseptics. The first product PluroGen, PluroGel® • PSSD, MGM PluroGel® forms a barrier while the antimicrobial agent prevents microbial growth. A key feature is its function biophysics PluroGel® destruction of biological film or prevent its formation that contribute to wound healing. The oily organic film is formed of a matrix of polysaccharides that is excreted, and include bacteria, preventing the entry of antimicrobial agents. The film is considered to block the biological wound closure. The structure of surfactant (detergent) to PluroGel® MGM and its properties allow to penetrate the capsule film PluroGel® biological and eliminate biological film. When present an antimicrobial or antiseptic, this effect on film biological allow an antibiotic or antiseptic to kill bacteria at a standard dose allowed by antimicrobial or antiseptic, contrary to published reports that the antimicrobial or antiseptic should be 4 times to 1000 times more powerful than their standard approved dose to kill bacteria from a biological film. When the organic film is removed, and the bacteria are eradicated, it may start the process of wound healing.
PluroGel® free agent antibiotic or antiseptic agent (for burns and wounds • PluroGel®) proved to be effective against biological film by penetration into biological film and its dispersal. When the biological film is removed, the bacteria are exposed body's defense mechanisms, such as antibodies and white blood cells, allowing the body to try to kill the bacteria and the natural healing process to begin.
Function performance PluroGel® into action when applied to the wound. MGM PluroGel® acts as a physical barrier to cover and protect wounds and acts as a cleaning agent biocompatible surfactants, which facilitates cleaning and debridement of wounds. PluroGel® is a multifunctional product that is simple to use, flexible in its use, providing cost savings and improves the control of physicians regarding patient compliance with medical indications, which enhances healing.

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